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Princess Tutu thought (& drabble).

So, I finally finished watching Princess Tutu last night, and I had a Thought about it. Specifically: Ahiru's name.

Now, Ahiru is the Japanese word for 'duck', which makes perfect sense considering she's a duck who was magically transformed to a human girl. The English dub chaned this, reasonably enough, to 'Duck'. However, 'Duck' just doesn't sound like a human name - a joking nickname at best. It's one of those Inherently Funny Words, and I am reluctant to use it. However, I am equally reluctant to use a Japanese word when the anime is not set in Japan.

So where is it set? Well, one shot of Fakir writing sugest he's writing in German. It makes as much sense as anything; 'Drosselmeyer' sounds like a German name.

The German word for 'duck' is 'Ente'. It's fairly easy to imagine 'Ente' as someone's name, and if the 'story' was being told in German, that's what Ahiru would have been called, right? The only problem with this is that if I use it in a fic, no one will have the faintest idea what I'm talking about.

... I hate it when that happens.

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