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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

[GetBackers] in another life
comic love, hope this helps!, <3
Originally written for a small private ficletfest. Emishi tries to deal with grief by thinking about might-have-beens.

would like to say to you but I don't know howCollapse )

Ficbits - Discworld
comic love, hope this helps!, <3
I am in Ashland! I drove for seven hours today! My IM program refuses to work on my tablet! I have weirdness on the brain! And five gazillion fic ideas for Amon! But, troubling, none of them funny, even though I just got out of a version of "Comedy of Errors" that included a bit out of Gilbert-and-Sullivan.

Here, have some Discworld genderswitch.

(I don't know why gwnderswitch is so much fun. I actually did these because I was playing with some origific genderswitch and realized it was simply unworkable. The other fic in progress was - and still is -Discworld, so . . . )

CarrotCollapse )
Sam Vimes, Sybil RamkinCollapse )
RincewindCollapse )
Susan Sto HelitCollapse )

[Tsubasa RC] Six months of silence
white space, my heart is an open book, distant
More of the TRC genderswicth AU, posted hastily, finished about a minute ago, I'm late for work arrrgh. Enjoy. <3

WHEREIN Kurogane spectacularly fails to learn her lesson, as does FayCollapse )

[Vorkosigan] Three Men Who Never Left Barrayar
automatic earth, don&#39;t cry, this is the long-distance call
Rampant AU - in fact, three different AUs, and implied spoilers up to Mirror Game. This was extrordinarily fun to write.

~1200 wordsCollapse )

[GetBackers] Salt [2/2]
it&#39;s alright, a stranger in this town
I had the ideas anyway, but I should mention large bits of this fic were given firmer form by reading the end-of-chapter profiles. Ayamine-sensei, you're nuts, but we like you that way.

Part 2. Part 1 is here: http://gisho.livejournal.com/97186.html

wrap life in the brilliance of death to humble us allCollapse )

[GetBackers] Salt [1/2]
Guess., gender-ambiguous, elegance
This is the strange fic I've been working on, on and off, all year. Last year, that is. It's the story of what happened to Toshiki between leaving Mugenjou and meeting Lucifer, the story of what happened to Toshiki while he was working with Lucifer, and the story of why he left.

Posted in two parts due to length. This is 1/2. Part 2 is here: http://gisho.livejournal.com/97407.html

summer move forward and stich me the fabric of fallCollapse )

[GetBackers] Love sees not with the eyes but with the mind
Guess., gender-ambiguous, elegance
Kazuki and Juubei, dealing with their uncertainties. This was actually inspired by a prompt from last summer's springkink round; someone else responded then, but when I read their fic I got ideas.

Well post-manga. Not work-safe.

~2850 wordsCollapse )

[GetBackers, ish] Wings displayed on the open firmament
Guess., gender-ambiguous, elegance
More messing about with daemons inserted into worlds where they do not belong! Thanks to nekokoban for egging me on. This one's mostly about Kazuki, early in the series.

Also, 'Salt' is finally, FINALLY, done. I need a beta. Can I get any suckers volunteers? If you havn't seen it, it's a long, multi-timelined Toshiki-centric fic.

And every bird of wing after his kind ...Collapse )

[+Anima] The Capture of Welkin's Gang
peace, water element
From a request for white_aster, for something involving the crocodile sheriff.

~789 wordsCollapse )

Assorted variations on the theme of 'daemon'
sad boy in snow, winter, I hate my life
Once again, I blamke nekokoban for being such a wonderful enabler. None of these will make much sense if you aren't at least passingly familiar with the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, by Phillip Pullman; they all attempt to apply the concept of daemons to worlds where they do not belong in the least.

I can be egged on. Name a world!

Tsubasa RCCollapse )
Yami no Matsuei/Decendants of DarknessCollapse )
RODCollapse )
xxxHolicCollapse )
GetBackersCollapse )
GetBackers #2Collapse )