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[GetBackers] Bookends

akatonbo was the only one to respond to the first/last kiss meme; of course she picked Emishi and Amon and made me sniffle.


Amon was a bit overwhelmed by it all. He'd come back from the dead, been involved in - well, he wasn't quite sure what happened to Mugenjou, but neither, as far as he could tell, was anyone else. Except possibly Makubex, and he wasn't to ask nosy questions when the poor kid looked like he needed a few days sleep and a lot of hugs. Sakura had seemed happy to provide them. He might ask later, but for the moment he'd let them be.

It seemed like an impromptu festival, complete with dancing in the streets, had been declared, and so Emishi had dragged him around to introduce to everyone he knew. A lot of them seemed to be cute girls, but most of those, on further investigation, were his relatives. They were still hanging around en masse when Emishi noticed Amon yawning - by this point it was well past midnight - and pulled him away from the noise and light and smell of food into a little dark room. "You're conking out already?"

"Yeah. Long day." He grinned. "But you know, you were there. And there's always tomorrow, right? We have all the time in the world."

"Don't tell them that, they'll be partying past dawn." Emishi stuck his head out the door, then pulled it back and shut it firmly. "Ah, Aunt Mai is doing her notorious Confucius impression. The party usually starts to disintegrate around now. Good thing we got out." As if on cue there was a burst of racous female laughter. Amon giggled softly in sympathy. Emishi blithely continued, "If we snore loud enough someone will probably bring us breakfast. I know I've got some spare blankets around here somewhere," he declared, and began to dig in the pile of stacked boxes against the far wall.

"Er," Amon said, "could we share? Just for tonight," he added hastily.

He felt terribly selfish for suggesting it, but Emishi just smiled. "Sure." He tugged his glasses off and set them down on the floor, then leaned against the wall to start undoing his shoelaces. Amon followed, and then they were tumbled together on the futon, and Emishi was pulling the blanket over their heads. The carefully-cultivated habits of a lifetime were screaming at Amon to get away before he did any damage. He firmly ignored them and wrapped an arm around Emishi's waist, settling comfortably against his side. Emishi sighed contentedly. "I wonder if you're ticklish?" he muttered absently.

"Hey. I'm too tired to thwack you with a pillow right now."

"Fair enough." Emishi settled for ruffling his hair, and Amon grinned.

They lay quietly for a while, while the faint noises of the party drifted in from outside. Eventually Amon whispered, "Emi-yan?"



There was no response. Amon propped himself up on one elbow. Emishi's eyes were closed, and his breathing was deep and even. His hair was spread over the pillow. It would probably be a mass of tangles in the morning. He was smiling in his sleep.

Amon smiled to himself and brushed a kiss on the tip of Emishi's nose, then lay down and fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.


When Amon woke up the air was cold and the roof of the tent was sagging. He blinked at it a few times, then crawled out of their sleeping bag. There was already a little light creeping through the fabric. He gently tugged on the zipper and stuck his head outside.

The field was blanketed in snow, several inches deep. There was no sign of the firepit, and their campstove was visible only as a mound of snow on the end of the log. The tent could have grown up from the earth overnight for all the evidence that anyone had walked here.

He grinned and zipped the door shut, then pulled on his coat and boots. Emishi woke up while he was getting them laced, and sat up, rubbing his eyes. "G'morning."

"Emi-yan, it snowed last night." He couldn't restrain a sunny grin.

" ... You're kidding me. It's March already."

"Nope!" He pulled open the door with a dramatic flourish, and Emishi gave a murmur of appreciation.

They brushed off the log, and sat down to watch the sun rise while Amon brushed out Emishi's hair. This had become a morning ritual over the years, and all the jokes that could possibly be made were long since exhausted, so he generally worked in silence. It was still a little disconcerting that it was gray instead of brown. He set down the brush and wrapped his arms around Emishi's shoulders, leaning in close to breathe in his ear. "You think it's snowing in Tokyo right now?"

"Not a chance. It's already March, Amon, when was the last time it snowed in Tokyo in March?" He grinned. "They're gonna be so mad they missed it, too."

"So we won't tell them." Emishi shivered at the ticklish warmth. "We'll just enjoy it ourselves. Isn't it lovely? We could do snow angels. I havn't made snow angelss in years. And hey!" He sprung up and fished in the snow beside the log to produce a battered tin kettle, which he handed to Emishi with a flourish. "The universe is trying to be helpful! It filled the teakettle for us."

Emishi laughed and stood up to fiddle with the campstove. Amon turned away and eyed the snow-covered field speculatively. "You know," Emishi said, "I read somewhere that the least time the earth was as warm as it is now, on average, was in the Jurassic Era. Isn't that odd to think about? We could be sharing a climate with the dinosaurs. Pity, really, there are kids in Tokyo who've never even seen snow and they don't get dinosaurs to make up for it. Not that most of them were exactly things you'd want wandering around the streets, but I bet velociraptors could be domesticated, and they'd be a lot more interesting than pet igua-" There was a gasp and a clattering noise.

Amon spun around. Emishi has sunk to his knees beside the log; he was clutching at his shoulder. Biting back a string of curses, Amon knelt beside him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders to keep him from collapsing. "You alright?" It was barely a whisper.

Emishi shook his head and grabbed Amon's hand. "The whip," he said, almost gasping, "goes to Hinata. It's a family heirloom. Deliver it with my apologies, alright?"

"Don't talk like that. You were fine last year."

"Last year I had Juubei with me." Emishi managed a weak smile. "Couldn't go out like that, he wouldn't have appreciated it."

Amon kissed him. "Emi-yan .."

"It's fine. I always said I wanted to die in the arms of the woman I loved." His eyes crinkled. "Two out of three's not bad, right?"

"I love you," Amon said, because there wasn't really anything else he could say.

"I know."

Amon pressed his cheek against Emishi's hair, and their hands tightened.

Eventually Amon got up and righted the campstove. The sky was bright blue overhead, with only a few wispy clouds in the upper atmosphere. It was going to be a beautiful day.
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