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[GetBackers] Overcompensating

silverstrings asked for Ban/Kazuki. This was the closest I could come but it did stretch my creating abilities a bit, at least. Triple-drabble.


"You're overcompensating, you know," Kazuki purred.

Ban stopped still, his hands still settled on Hevn's breasts, and looked over at Kazuki. "What the hell? Thread-spool -"

Kazuki sniffed. "Please. No one cares if you're screwing Ginji -" Ban choked and went purple - "and you only manage to make youself look like a complete jerk. No one is that macho unless they're trying to convince themselves of something. If you were a little more confident of your masculinity -" he didn't say like me, but it was obvious from his smug expression and Ban growled - "you would actually be nice to people once in a while. And a little polite. And maybe even kiss a man in public without having utter fits about it."

Ban scowled, and then, to Kazuki's utter shock, grabbed him and kissed him firmly on the lips. He tried to shove his tounge into Kazuki's mouth, but the other man clenched his jaw tightly, and his hand flew up to grab his bells. After half a moment Ban pulled back, his face flushed and his breath fast. "I am not overcompensating," he growled.

Kazuki wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. "Excellent. If you ever feel moved to do that again, could you please brush your teeth first? You taste like an ashtay." He waved languidly at Natsumi, who was hiding her giggles in her hands. "Another cup, please." Slowly, Hevn began to clap.

Ban looked between them wildly, then turned bright red. "Oh gods," he muttered to no one in particular, and fled toward the bathroom.

At that moment, Ginji wandered in the door, idly tossing a hacky-sack on one toe. "Ban-chan -" He looked between them, confused. "What's going on? Why's Hevn-san clapping?"

"Oh, it's nothing," Kazuki told him cheerfully, and hid his smile in his cup.
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