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Fives prompt results (GetBackers, Yami no Matsuei, Dragarea)

Aaaand the rest of the "five" prompts. Slightly edited for spelling, etc.

For white_aster: Five times Makubex smiled in spite of himself

1. He meant to be serious about it, and put away smiles as a childish thing, an indulgence innapropriate to the man he had to be now. But when the Thunder Emperor said softly, "I'm glad you've joined the Volts," and gave him an irrepressable smile, he couldn't help but answer.

2. When Shido left Makubex began running numbers, perhaps a little obsessively, as to how long it would be before Kazuki followed him. The number he arived at was ten days, thirteen hours, and six minutes. He took a certain grim satisfaction when he was twenty-seven seconds from correct.

3. Things could have been worse, but not easily. There was blood on his hands, blood on the street, blood everywhere; most of it belonged to the man he had just killed, but probably some had belonged to the woman this man had stabbed to death the night before, the fourth of his victims. Makubex felt sick, and he felt Juubei's eyes on the back of his neck like a solemn prnouncement of his sins.

And then a small child - the murdured woman's brother, he vaugely recalled - slipped out of the silent huddle of witnesses and solemnly pressed a piece of candy into the hand that wasn't holding the knife.

4. When he finally woke up Makubex hurriedly opened the program he had been working on, but as he scrolled down it became obvious that it was already done, and as he read it again to make sure there were no bugs to be found. "I finished that while you were asleep," Sakura murmured demurely. "Since we needed it soon, and I didn't want to wake you. Did I do it right?" He assured her that she had done well, and thought to himself: she'll make a good queen when I'm dead.

5. He had only asked them to follow him to the end of the world, but the end of the world had come and gone, and they were all there still, waiting.

for white_aster: Tsuzuki's five favorite meals

1. His arms ached from turning the mochi, but when his sister ruffled his hair and popped the daifuku into his mouth, Asato was so happy he almost forgot to chew.

2. About halfway through their short-lived partnership Tatsumi invited him home for dinner one night. Tsuzuki went gladly. There was sake in quantity. There was rice, cooked just long enough to be white and fluffy and soft. There was sumashijiru soup, done with some cobintion of spices that Tsuzuki couldn't identify and didn't try; it seemed a bit saltier than normal, but oddly enough he liked it that way. There was takoyaki, and unagi, and fugu. Tsuzuki had eaten fugu only once before. He approached it cautiously, forgetting that even if Tatsumi had not been careful in the preparation (and he had been, certainly) it could do nothing worse to him now than give him a bad stoumachache. It was not until halfway through a dessert of kakigori, warmed by a soft alcoholic glow, that it occured to Tsuzuki to wonder why he had been nervous at all, and conclude that he loved Tatsumi and couldn't bear the thought of leaving him, which was a revelation so startling he felt dizzy for the rest of the night.

3. There was a little cafe in the mortal world that Tsuzuki passed by for a bowl of ramen whenever he had the time and often when he didn't. It was in the middle of Shinjuku, but tucked out of the way in a side street, and rarely busy. It was run by an old woman who chatted amiably with him and showed him photos of her grandchildren. One day he walked in and ordered before discovering he was out of money, and he shamefacedly went up to her to cancel the order. "Don't worry," the woman told him. 'It's on the house this time. We're friends, aren't we?" She gave him a big, crooked smile and patted his shoulder. He'd never had a better bowl of ramen in his life.

4. Watari's Super Secret Special Soup made Tsuzuki feel warm and buzzy and peaceful and also oddly hungry, so he was pleased to find that Watari had also made brownies. They were just as good, but the more he ate the hungrier he felt, until finally he passed out giggling on Watari's couch, still clutching the empty baking tin.

5. Hisoka couldn't cook spaghetti properly, but that was perfectly alright. The ice cream was heavenly.

For silverstrings: Five times Kazuki tried (and failed) to prove he wasn't gay


"... None. Not that it's any of your business."

"See?" Ban crowed. "If you're not gay, why else wouldn't you have slept with any women?"

"Because I've never met a woman I wanted to sleep with," Kazuki said, with pure candy coated-malice. "How many women have you slept with, Midou-san?" Ban seethed, but did not reply.


Kazuki, quivering with suprssed annoyance, dug through his bag and produced a paperback book, which he tossed out on the table. It was a romance novel, but the cover showed two curvaceous women in scanty chainmail, clinging to each other with more that sororal affection. It might have worked, if Ban hadn't picked the book up, flipped through, and began to read out deadpan: "I gasped and pulled him close, revelling in the feel of his broad, muscular chest. 'I've wanted this so long,' his rumbing voice resounded in my ear. 'Ever since you raised your helmet that first day in the training yard, I've wanted this.' I ran my hands down the chisled planes of his biceps and purred, 'Never before has a man been my equal in battle.' He pressed his lips to mine, our tounges beginning an intriate dance so like the play of our swords on that brilliant summer day, and fated, as that was, to end in a draw ..."


In retropect, if he was going to prove he wasn't gay by asking a woman on a date, it should have been to somewhere other than the symphony, and it shoud have been someone other than Clayman. Not that she wasn't devastatingly handsome in a tuxedo.


"Wow." Ginji squinted at the scrap of paper. "How'd you do that? I thought the only people he gave the combination to were his wife and his mistress."

"Yes. His wife, who knows about his mistress. I'm quite capable of charming a lonely, bitter woman," Kazuki told them cheerfully. "She frequents the Blooming Lilac Club; I pretended to be one of the staff and let her pour out her troubles. She even asked me to a private room - I had to tell her my shift was over and invite her back."

"Blooming Lilac," Ban said thoughtfully, and blew a smoke ring. "Isn't that one of those upscale hostess clubs?"

Kazuki silently counted to ten and reminded himself that Hevn would probably want her violet skirt back soon.


"Isn't she just the most beautiful thing ever?" Kazuki declared, and Ginji agreed and cooed at Kazuki's daughter. She giggled and tried to nibble his fingers. Ginji giggled back, and Kazuki, satisfied, sat back to watch them play.

Ban snorted and lit a cigarette. "This just does not make sense," he said. "How come the gay guy is the first one to spawn? You'd think Shido and Madoka would be popping our sprogs by now, and they havn't even set a date."

"I'm not gay." Kazuki sipped his cappuchino and raised an eyebrow. "How do you think I'd have a child if I were?"

Ban adopted a professorial pose and took a long drag on his cigarette. "See, when two men love each other very much, and want to have a kid but don't have the right bits, they find a woman who likes them a little too much and use this wonderful invention called a turkey baster - "

"Sakura wouldn't have stood for that sort of thing. My daughter was concieved the old-fashioned way." Kazuki raised his other eyebrow. "You know, the bug-eyed look doesn't suit you. And you should probably rinse you shirt off before it stains. Coffee is very hard to get out of whites."

Ban deflated. "So what are you, then?"

"I believe the term you're looking for is bisexual," Kazuki offered. "Could you please pass the sugar?"

For jmtorres: Five things Vlad doesn't know he's forgotten

1. Dolivar did not live to see the Cycle turn the second time. He died on Kieron's sword, and this much is known to all who still know his name and history. There were no witnesses, and what was known only to the brothers is this: it was at Dolivar's own request. Had chance not interfered, or had Kieron been a Shaman, there would have been one more Great Weapon in the world.

2. His mother always insisted Vlad call her by her name, rather than "Mother". "It makes me feel so old," she said, and laughed. His father didn't approve of the practice, and besides, Vlad couldn't quite pronounce her name.

3. There is a certain kind of wine made from blackberries that is only sold in one single tavern in a largely unremarkable town near the border of Fenario. It is called "Water of Oblivion". Vlad learned an old Fenarian ballad about the origins of witchcraft from a fellow traveller, a coachman, that night, but the next morning all he had was a hangover.

4. Daymar's paranoia about anyone discovering the location of his Really Secret Library would have been legendary, if Daymar allowed anyone to recall that such a room even existed. What made it worse, somehow, was that Vlad had only been looking for the privy.

5. For a few moments they were perfectly aligned and he remembered every instant of Teldra's life more clearly than he recalled his own. It couldn't last for long and it didn't, but the heady rush of insight remained with him as he returned to the ordinary world where the Jenoine no longer stood a chance against them.
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