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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

Rook the Librarian gisho
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Challenge time!
Give me a summary of a story I never wrote, and I will respond with either a line/paragraph of the story, or a set of Author's Notes for it, or both, depending on how intruiged I am.

"When a quarter of the people in Mugenjou disappear mysteriously, Makubex organizes an expedition to find them...or the lost server that their data is on, at the least."

er. or something. yeah. ._.

"or something"? That's not very precise. :P


It was at this point that Toshiki he was missing a sense. It infringed on his conciousness abruptly, and only because he got it back for a moment, in the same way a long silence will become apparent only when it is broken by some small noise. In that moment he felt the chi of those around him flare up suddenly, then vanish again. He glanced over at Makubex, and noted that, alarmingly enough, he could see the wall through Makubex's body. He gasped, but Makubex looked back at him and smiled. "We're close," he said. "Don't worry. I won't let anyone hurt you. It just takes some concentration, that's all."

Well, I didn't want to be CONFINING, you see. ^___^

eeee! neato!

Care to do another? Since nobody else seems to be biting.

Sure! mmmm...some silly +Anima? no plotty things attached, pure silly.

"Cooro and Husky run into (literally) a magic spring that pulls a switcheroo on them, leaving them with each others' body...and powers!" ^_____^

Or, if you don't want to touch +Anima at all....

"Akabane and Makubex are victims of a glitch in the Matrix Mugenjou mainframe and end up in each others' bodies." ^___^

I've read enough +Anima now to feel comfortable with it, SO.


"Flying's not that bad," Husky said tightly, "when you're doing it yourself, and not getting hauled around like a sack of potatoes. But I wish you wouldn't try to swim. You're making me embarassed just watching you, flailing around like that." Cooro grinned around his mouthful of fish.

eeeee! <3! ^___^ I love those guys. I wish that it would come available more quickly. :)

I wish I could think of a summary. ;-; I'd pick something Kazuki/Sakura-ish for a change~ >> *toddles off to work to think about it a bit*

The Call of the Fae was strong, but they hadn't called anyone in generations. Most people had begin to believe that the old stories were myths, or forgotten them altogether.

Melissa's grandmother had told her all of the old stories, and as a little girl she'd loved them, but she'd grown up and left such childish things behind long ago. Modern professionals believed in money and power, not in Faerie.

And then they Called her...

"Don't worry," Lapis said. "I know what I'm doing." He took Melissa's hand again and peered at it so long and thoughtfully she began to doubt his asseriton, but then he staightened with a pleased murmur and ran his palm over hers. The glowing sigil that appeared was so bright and startling that it took her several seconds to recognize it; when she did she found herself leaping from her seat with a scream of incoherent rage.

That is awesome.


... for some reason in my head the sigil turns out to look like the logo of a company she used to work for that's actually being run by a cabal of delusional mages.

Feel free to steal.

Naturally, no one believed Sakura capable of such an act; she did nothing to dissuade them of that belief. [Getbackers]

(That actually sounds supsiciously like a line from the middle of a fic I'm already in the middle of. And is also very hard to use without stealng from said fic ... Call this AU, and note it references the Lost Time arc which I have not in fact read. Feel free to toss me another!)


Sakura waited for a few minutes after the noise of his breathing had evened into sleep, abesntly stroking his hair. Then she picked up the keyboard and settled it across her knees. As always, her mind went somewhere far away as she began to work. The mental image was the inverse of the patient tugging of loose threads from Above that Makubex's hacking seemed like; she took other bits of data, the changed threads he wove from his thefts, and threaded them back in, and she did it so quietly, so skillfully, that he would never know. By slow degrees, she undid his work. She is no Penelope; although her unravelling is quite secret, she is not waiting for a man who might be dead, or far off on another's isle.

She knows exactly where he is.

She is a Kakei. It makes her sick, but she likes to think her father would be proud; and after all, Yohan needs her. She knows exactly what he is. When the time comes, she knows which Fuuchoin she will stand beside.

I always love your Sakura. Wonderful, as is usual.

Feel free to toss me another!

Lady Poison is gaining a reputation, and getting attention from all the wrong people. [GetBackers]