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[origific] [Antonio & Zohar #5] I suppose this would be the privateer edition?

More fun with backstory!


So, this guest-blogger comes with my permission. Teeming Hordes ... meet my kid brother, Amen.

Yes, you read that right. Amen. I also have a kid sister, Selah (they're twins) but she's off at camp this week, and my parents are on vacation, so Amen came up to stay with me! He's ten, plays the flute, and is fond of rabbits.


Hello folks! My name is Amen and I am Zohar's brother. She said I could use her blog. I think blogs are really nifty. Zoe's friend Antonio said he would help me make one if I liked, but he hasn't yet.

I think Selah would like a blog too. When she gets back from camp Antonio can make us both one. Maybe we'll have the same blog. That would be fun. We could talk to each other on it.

Portland is a really pretty town. It's hot, though. Zoe took me downtown to play in a fountain, and then we went to the movies. Also we got ice cream. Rasberry flavor is my favorite, but I like chocolate chip too. I had one scoop of each. Zoe had orange sherbert.

Antonio has a nice rabbit named Killer. He's the fluffiest rabbit I've ever seen and he likes getting petted. He also sheds a lot. Selah told be last month she wanted to learn how to spin, and I told Antonio, so he gave me a tub full of fur which he said Killer had shed, and that he didn't know what to do with. It's so soft! Maybe Selah will make me winter gloves out of it? That would be nifty.

This "blog" idea is very intruging. Definately want one of my own.

I'll make sure Zoe gives you the URL!


There you have it, folks! He may be back!
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