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[GetBackers] When I awake I am still with thee

Second of the 3measures fics. Not as good as the first and third, IMO, but it works.


She is there when he wakes up and the silence takes a while to make its way into his conciousness. He cannot move his arms, and he discovers the blanket is tucked snugly around his body, as tight as her shawl wraps around the enemies she vanquishes for him. He shifts, trying to free himself, but cannot.

Her hands are wound through his hair and he does not want to move, so he makes a noise in the back of his throat, and rather than loosen the blanket and free him she whispers, "Shhhhh," and pulls it tighter. It takes him a moment to realize he is not terrified. Sakura would not hurt him.

"It's a storm outside," she says. "You can almost hear it if you don't make any noise."

Rather than try to move again Makubex waits, holding his breath, and after a few moments the echoes of her words and his own breathing finish fading out and he can, distantly, hear the noise of rain against metal and concrete and then, suddenly, a roll of thunder. When the echoes have died away again he whispers, "How long?" When he fell asleep, he was sure, the sun had only just set - it hadn't been raining then already, surely?

"About an hour." Sakura's hand stills in his hair, and the blanket goes limp around his shoulders. "Emishi dropped by," she said absently. "He brought some sushi, if you want dinner."

"Maybe later," Makubex says automatically - he can't remember whether he's eaten yet today, but it matters more to Sakura than to him whether he eats. She worries about him.

So does Emishi. He hates to see it, and so he tries, honestly tries, to remember to do things like eat something every day, even if only a chocolate bar, and sleep whenever he is tired enough not to dream. In his more childish moments he is inclined to believe it is a conspiracy between the two of them, that they not only have the same goals, but have discussed strategies, agreed on ways to bolster each other's attempts. It's a foolish idea and unworthy of him, though.

He sits up at last, pushing the blanket aside, and his eyes automatically go to the screens of his computers. There is nothing out of the ordinary. Out of old habit he pulls up a few cameras, and notes that the streets are deserted; the storm has driven everyone inside. It will last for a while. There is nothing to worry about, for a few hours. "Sakura," he says. "Have you ever been outside in a rainstorm?"

"A few times. It's not unpleasant, in summer." Of course, it is winter now. "Haven't you?"

Makubex shakes his head and leans against her. "I can't stand the idea of getting wet," he tells her. "And in here, there's always someplace to duck under and wait."

Sakura's arms wrapped around him just as the blanket had, as tightly and inexoribly, and he made as little resistance. He wonders whether he should be disturbed that he finds it so easy and comfortable to submit to her. But perhaps he should not, under the circumstances. She has known him for years, since the days of the Thunder Emperor, and not once in all those years has he had cause to doubt her loyalty.

There is a rumble of thunder somewhere nearby, and Makubex smiles and closes his eyes to better hear the rain against the walls and the steady beats of her heart.
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