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Part 1 was here.

I have decided that Zohar went to Reed College and Antonio was a high-school dropout (for rather upsetting reasons).


I'm losing my touch; Mark-from-Michigan lasted almost four days past the date I predicted. Since breakups are always messy, and since Anotnio is still a wreck (honestly, he loses a boyfriend every month or two, you'd think he would have gotten used to it by now), I will fill in the time by sharing a few Things I Learned In College (out of class):

  • How to operate a nuclear reactor. (Not on the curriculum for an English major, anyway, but for a while I was dating a girl who was trying for a physics PhD, and sneaking in at three AM to let me run the ractor was her idea of a romantic gesture.)

  • Ramen noodles on their own aren't any sort of diet, but ramen noodles with green onions can keep you going for weeks. There are all sorts of interesting variations on this, too. I got to be quite the gourmet during college. In a certian specialized way.

  • It's more of an imposition on someone whose first class is at 9:30 to wake them up at 8 AM than to wake them up at 3 AM; the latter, they can go back to sleep from, but the former, they really have no excuse for doing anything but getting up.

  • How to drive a golf cart.

  • Medieval French.

  • No matter how clearly you display your sexual orientation, no matter if you're wearing pride buttons and a rainbow-colored shirt and workboots, if you walk into a bar that's not explicitly a gay bar, at least one guy will walk up to you and proposition you (presumably on the theory that you'd change sides if only you found the right man). However, if you subsequently throw your drink in his face, the boots will make him rather more hesitant to bitch oyu out for it.

  • Sometimes, inviting a homeless guy back to your place to use the shower and have dinner can result in a deep and lasting friendship. Sometimes, it can result in your simply feeling very, very guilty when he's found dead a week later, because you wonder if you should have done more, or if you at least gave him one good thing near the end.

  • How to pick padlocks.

And of course, more about poetry than I ever dreamed. ^_^ I liked college.
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