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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

these thoughts, artificial intelligence
Rook the Librarian gisho
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[GetBackers] PostSecrets, part 2
More secrets. This time, it's the Four Kings. I'm sure you can all work out which is which! ^^

I enjoy confusing people.

I knew from the beginning.

The moment I decided to jump ...

Her friends think ...

Wow, these are really cool! I'm all fasinated now *_*


These are v. nice. I like Shido's the best, though I really like the way MAKUBEX's looks, even if I don't think he actually feels that way.

So you know, I also took a look at your wallpapers, and while I like them all (though I think MAKUBEX's face looks a bit odd in Street Spirit), I liked And When I Go the best. Made it my new background. ._.

Again so you know, I found your LJ while being bored and looking to see who shared my interests (specifically MAKUBEX ~_~;), hit a community, and then found you through it. I think you know who I am, though, as I'm certain I know your LJ from somewhere.

I think so too - as I recall, I emailed you a long time ago about your lyrics site, because I'd found the kanji for Makubex's image song, and you said you had them already.

Aww, thank you! Glad you liked them - I have a lot of fun with image manipulation. (Thus the Secrets.)

... Apparently I don't have you friended. Could have sworn I did. Oh well. *friends*

Ahhh, yes, I remember that now. Wow, it's been a long time! Since I updated my lyrics site, too. 6_6 I won't bore you with the details, but I just haven't had the will to work with it in...wow, nearly two years now. I really should try to fix that. ._.

I'll friend you back! Thanks. ^^ If you want, since it's not on Campus Lyrics! and probably won't be for a long while, I can email you the translation to Kaku -Core- later, or something.

Sure, I'd like that - I've never been able to find a reliable translation, but I really like the song.