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[Tsubasa RC] In Sickness And In Health

Done for an open request at trez_ure.


"Faaaaai." Ashura's voice was as close to wheedling as it would ever come. "Stop playing with your doll and come kiss me."

"She's not a doll," Fai answered automatically, but he obediently patted Chii on the shoulder, the signal to keep going without him, and headed back into the bedroom. Ashura's hands lay on the sheets, looking disturbingly frail. "I can bring you some hot chocolate," Fai murmured anxiously. "Or soup. Or - "

"No. Kiss me."

Fai obliged, purring softly. When they pulled apart he turned away to hide the mistiness in his eyes. "It's not fair," he said. "You're so big and strong and handsome, you're not supposed to get sick."

"I didn't," Asura growled. "I got hit by a car. You don't have to stay here. You could go back to work, I know it's driving you nuts to wait on me hand and foot - "

"Minoru will understand," Fai told him briskly, answering his unspoken thought. "You're the most important thing in the world to me. I'm not leaving you alone until you're back to normal and your fever has gone down." In the other room, the soft sounds of Chii singing to herself as she typed here barely audible. I never wanted this, Fai thought. I wanted to be alone. You swept me up like a knight on a big black horse and I had to buy Chii just to remember you wern't the only person in the world.

Ashura smiled, and Fai did not know for what. He fled into the kitchen, and had to lean against the wall and remind himself that he loved this man, for all his foibles, for his overbearing nature, his refusal to admit weakness, even his overbearing ex-wife and his darling, dangerous, daughter, who Fai had rapidly come to hate and love respectively. They were all a part of Ashura, or at least his history.

When he had made the cocoa, he bore it back in with his smile firmly in place. "See, Ashura-chan," he said firmly. "I'm having fun."

Ashura growled, but deigned to accept Fai's assistance in sitting up against a pile of pillows. "I have no doubt you are. You don't have to grin quite so much. I'll be back to normal by next week. Even if I'm not, Arashi would be happy to look in on me. Or Yasha."

"You think I'd leave something like your health and welfare to your son-in-law?" Fai feigned shock. "Nonsense!"


"Isn't programmed for it. Relax and accept it, honey. You're stuck with me."

Ashura smiled again, as if it were exactly what he had wanted.
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