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Antonio and Zohar were created so I'd have an excuse to write like the demented lovechild of P.G. Wodehouse and Diana Wynne Jones. Their story is going to be a deep meaningful exploration of the various types and definitions of love, but that's not why they were drafted. Antonio was drafted because I liked Psmith and Fye D. Flowright and Howl so much and wanted a dashing metrosexual geek of my VERY OWN, and Zohar was necessary to keep him in line and play straight man.


Antonio showed up at my door last night at 1 AM with a bottle of wine. Very expensive wine. He said it was a gift. I had to bribe the truth out of him with caramel ice cream.

Turns out, it was another conquest. Not that he's broken up with Mark-from-Michican - that won't happen for another week, if I'm any judge. No. It was a woman. It was a female client who seems to think she has a chance with him, and he's not telling her any different.

They met for lunch last week to go over her website ("Not in minute detail. It took us five minutes to decide the whole thing needed to be scrapped.") and decided to meet again today ("Well, she said she had to discuss the new design ideas with the rest of the firm, and you know how lawyers are about getting decisions made") and for some reason did so in her apartment over dinner ("She has a very busy schedule! And she wanted to get this over with!") and it turned out her apartment has candles and leather sofas.

Not that any overt moves were made. No. They just managed to take a six-thirty meeting and not get done with it until eleven. And get very far from the topic of websites, if his account of the covnersation is accurate. And she gave him a bottle of very expensive wine and said she was very much looking forward to speaking to him again. Maybe they could go to a restaurant next time.

I'd' say it was startlingly unprofessional of her, but he's not technically her co-worker, nor is she really his employer. And Antonio really is charming and handsome. He works at it. He spends more time on his hair than I spend on my breakfast. It would be very funny if I didn't suspect it of being self-mocking. Camp, perhaps, is the mot juste here.

Mark-from-Michigan called Anotnio's cell phone at seven this morning, while he was still sleeping, and I (being half-awake myself) answered it. (We should probably not use the same ringtone.) When we worked it out, he laughed. "He talks about you all the time," he said. "Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. Like you're the most wonderful thing in the world. You sure you aren't his girlfriend?"

Well, yes. But Mark-from-Michican is the jealous type, which is why I think the relationship won't last. Whereupon I'll have to console him with more caramel ice cream, and he'll be miserable for a few days and then he'll spring back and then he'll find another guy who doesn't really appreciate him for who he is, and fall in love and be happy for a month. Maybe two. And all I can do is make sure my fridge is well-stocked.

But apart from that, he's fun.

And I can see why a lonely lawyer would make a play, not knowing he doesn't swing that way. And I hate to admit it, but I can see why he'd play right back. Ultimately, no one will be seriously hurt, and both of them will enjoy the dinners.
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