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watching the lights go down

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[Mantantei Loki Ragnarok] Labour Of Love
For corvid, with much love. To the best of my knowledge Hammacher-Schlemmer doe not sell heart-shaped waffle irons or aromatheraputic footbaths, but I wouldn't be surpised to find out they've expanded their line.


Yamino liked to bring Loki breakfast in bed. One morning, he brought it in at the usual time - ten - only to have a pillow thrown at his head. "Go away," declared the sheets-wrapped lump.

"Ah - Loki-sama - "

"I said go away!"

Yamino went away. In a fit of pique, he decided to order a new heart-shaped waffle iron from Hammacher-Schlemmer. After all, it was just so cute - and besides, making waffles was a labour of love, shouldn't he demonstrate that? It was sure to make Loki-sama wince, but a lot of things Yamino did made Loki-sama wince. The heated aromatheraputic footbath, for instance. That had been from Hammacher-Schlemmer too, and Loki had announced it was a blight upon the face of the earth, and now he used it almost every week. He'd love heart-shaped waffles, once he got used to them.

Loki stared at the first batch in sheer disbelief. "Yamino-kun," he finally said. "Was this the big heavy package from yeaterday?"

"Well, yes," Yamino admitted, blushing. "I thought you'd like them - and the old one really was wearing out, and - "

"Don't say another word," Loki declared. "Just go get the tea, alright? Don't say another word." He paused. "And you know I like waffles better with wheat batter, right?"

Yamino fled, beaming. When he did the breakfast dishes he noticed that strawberry syrup had been smeared across one plate in the shape of a heart.




Bikkit. ^_^

*flyingglomptacklecling* You. Rock.

Are you the same person who asked for Matantei Loki flashfic? If so, does this count, or did you have something else in mind?