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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

... did I leave the oven on?, pensive
Rook the Librarian gisho
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[GetBackers] Genderswitched drabbles, take 2
First, let me plug aguynamedgoo's set of genderswitched drabbles for the other half of the cast, the first installment of which are here.

There may be a Part 3. I've gotten inspired.


Juubei is surprised by her own blush. She can scarcely believe the beautiful creature in front of her is a boy - he's so sweet, such a lovely smile, and the sleeves of his kimono flutter in the breeze like butterfly wings.

"I'm so glad to meet you," Kazuki says.

Juubei swallows uncomfortably, suddenly aware of her gangly limbs and boyish face. "I like you," she blurts out, and winces. But boys are supposed to be blunt. Perhaps her masculinity is the proper counterweight to Kazuki's feminine grace. Their family traditions have balanced them, and brought out their true natures.


Kagami is probably the only woman in Mugenjou to wear high heels. They're sensibly broad, not stilettos, but they and the miniskirt draw looks. Kagami finds it quite amusing, when people watch her legs, not her hands. Watching her hands wouldn't actually save them, but they'd feel less stupid when they died.

Himiko watched her hands. Kagami approves of this.

She's so beautiful, Kagami thinks as she lays Himiko on the altar, even if she doesn't know how to show it off. As a goodbye gift, she takes a kiss, and leaves Himiko's lips stained blood-red with her own lipstick.


It was easy to turn a simple lust into a lust for murder. She has dreamed of Midou every night since they first met, and she has wanted his body for equally as long; all that changed was the nature of the wanting. Fudou knows they think she is mad, and they are absolutely right. She keeps nothing secret.

She has had men since she met Midou. It was easy at first, harder later, when the contrivance that passed for an arm closed cold fingers on them as a reminder. Eventually, she gave it up. She kept screaming his name.


Emishi has been growing her hair out all her life, but it barely brushes her waist when she lets it down. "It's hopeless," she tells Kazuki. "Good thing I already had a whip, eh? This mess would never braid well enough to make one."

Kazuki eyes Emishi's ponytail. "Do you use conditioner?"

"No. Should I?"

"Yes. It's all split ends. Take better care of it, and it will grow longer."

"I can't believe I'm getting hair-care tips from a man."

"I'd explain how to wear a kimono as well, but you'd think I was mocking you."

Emishi falls down laughing.


Gen wondered whether it was cruel of her to keep the boy so close, but the world was a hard place. "Grandmother," he called her, and she taught him everything she knew.

When he left, she wished she could have given him more. There was magic here, but he knew it better than she did. She would have given him a world of wishes, but what he wanted most was beyond her powers. "Call if you need me," she told him. He walked away.

Gen stayed quiet in her tower, knowing his story wasn't her story anymore, unless he called.


She is small, weak, young. She doesn't care. It doesn't matter, except when it does. It stings, to be Raitei's little sister, everyone's little sister. Kaoru is contemptuous of her love, mocks her - silently; even she would not mock one of the Four Kings openly - for hoping Raitei would accept from Makubex, instead, what Kaoru would so eagerly give him.

Only Sakura treats her as a superior. Makubex is grateful, and keeps Sakura close.

When Raitei leaves, it is Sakura in whose arms Makubex cries. She doesn't mind being Sakura's little sister, since it was her choice alone.

Aw, the Juubei as a girl is cute. The Fudou one is really creepy. And the Emishi one was funny.

Very nice, struck me as a bit more soulful than the first batch for some reason. Kudous.

*drags in the Miroku's, Teshimine, Masaki, Kanou, and others for round 3*

Well, it was the Mugenjouites, they tend to be more depressing. Except for Emishi. I seem unable to write about Emishi without making it a joke, which is probably appropriate.

.... Teshimine and Masaki? Oh dear. I don't know if I can do Masaki, but I'm willing to try. Not the Miroku siblings, though, especially since one of them is already a girl I'm not sure I know enough about them to write convincingly.

ban as a girl with the miroku in their early days might be interesting...?

Eee! I forgot Toshiki! *dodges wind-blasts, needles, and wires of retribution*

[20:19] * akatonbo enjoys the GB gendercrack. XD
[20:20] * Mullenkamp grins. Yeah, the gendercrack is entertaining.
[20:21] * akatonbo is sort of afraid she might have a Fudou muse lurking, though.
[20:22] <Pokeyhomework> Whenever I hear muse, even in fandom, I picture the harp and the robes; this is a peculiar image
[20:23] * Mullenkamp laughs. He is awfully fun to write. (Though due to Fudobane, I think I'm more likely to have Akabane lurking.)
[20:23] <akatonbo> The reaction of my Ban muse to the idea of Fudou being anywhere in my head, also, is entertaining.
[20:23] <akatonbo> Sort of like a cat going from ground to treetop faster than the eye can see. XD
[20:24] * Mullenkamp bwahahaha
[20:28] <akatonbo> (The speed increases threefold if Fudou is female. XD)
[20:28] <Mullenkamp> ...yeah, that would be more terrifying.
[20:28] <Pokeyhomework> Talk about women's intuition.
[20:29] <Mullenkamp> hahah
[20:29] <Pokeyhomework> (would she wear a nun's habit?)
[20:29] * akatonbo DIES.

DAMN YOU. Now I'll have to do a sequel, won't I.

Wow, you two are busy.

I really like the Juubei one and I really really liked the Kagami one. There was something appealing about that. Okay, so it was the femmeslash.

Thank Goo; he's the one who got me on the Kagami/Himiko kick in the first place. Femmeslash makes EVERYTHING better.

<3 Love the Fudo drabble. He/she is teh sex. X3!!!