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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

... did I leave the oven on?, pensive
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[GetBackers] Genderswitch drabbles, take 1
These are all AU: what if the main characters had been born female instead of male? I'll get the Mugenjouites in the next batch, and no, I don't plan on doing them for the (existing) women - I don't think I'm a good enough writer to pull it off.

I'm not sure I even pulled these off - in two cases, what was suprising was that nothing seemed to change.

Paul's was inspired by very recent manga chapters, but if you havn't already read them, it's not a spoiler.


"They call you the Witch Queen."

Ban smirks at the blond-haired boy, who's watching her so intently. "Yeah." She pulls back, readies herself for another attack; she is not dissapointed. The lightning flashes past her an inch too far away, and she ducks in. Snakebite.

It's her grandmother who's the Witch Queen, not her, but names make themselves sometimes.

They stagger apart, breathing heavily. "Who are you?" says the boy - the emperor - wonderingly. For a moment Ban is caught off guard.

"You tell me," she whispers.

The boy looks sad, and shakes his head. "I don't know yet."


Ginji usually tastes of choclate. Ban takes every opportunity to kiss her. She doesn't even have to try hard to wheedle chocolate from him. It's almost a habit, like Ban's cigarettes.

She likes chocolate, now, as much for the kisses as for the taste. She loves kissing Ban, even if he does taste of cigarettes - he gets this look in his eyes, just like Ginji gets when she eats chocolate.

"Ban-chan," she says, and his mouth quirks. "Can I get some chocolate syprup? Canicanicani?"

His eyes are bright when he gets the idea. "If you really want," he says.


Paul sighs pointedly as she collects Ban's empty cup. "You did get some asprin, right?"

"Yes." Ban watches as Paul fetches another cup. "I won't need it, though. It's just a scratch."

Paul sets the cup down with a thud. "You take care of yourself," she tells him flatly. "If you die, I'll never get your tab back, and it's a big investment by now."

"I'm not in any fucking hurry either, Paul," Ban growls. "You don't have to nag me all the time. You're not my mother."

"Yeah. I'm not your mother." Paul's expression is unreadable behind her sunglasses.


She's worked hard, and become respected in a man's profession, although respect was never what she wanted. What she wanted was the blood. The respect was incidental, although she appreciates it; it smoothes her way.

Himiko is not in this business for the blood. There's a grim determination in her eyes, and a hollow look of loss. It reminds Akabane of long ago, and the determination is familiar. Familiar, too, is the astonishment as strong men realize this woman is stronger. Akabane hides her smile.

Doctor Jackal offers Lady Poison no support. Lady Poison would never forgive her for pity.


"Dick-waving contest," Shido mutters. "I think Paul's missing the obvious."

Ban sighs and lights a cigarette. "It was just a few plates," he says mournfully. "Although he does have a point, you're not much of a girl. You don't even - " He reaches toward Shido's chest to demonstrate, but she slaps his hand away.

"Okay, I take that back. You fight like a girl." Ban sniffs.

Shido growls and stands up, and Ban does too, cracking his knuckles. "I don't know," Shido announces. "I still won, didn't I?" Ban's roar of rage is almost as beautiful as violin music.


She's always been beautiful, never more so than when she fights. Kazuki knows this, and accepts it; she does not try to use it, but it is impossible not to. Hers is a strong beauty. It is appropriate to Mugenjou. Fragile flowers would never bloom here, but she did. Warriors flock to her banner; they are all in love with her, at least a little bit.

Sometimes she wonders whether a man could have done the same, whether it was respect or a desire to protect that drew them there, but then she looks at Juubei's eyes and knows better.

Very nice, and it does show how little gender matters for most of the characters, which I find extremely cool.

Oh, and I really loved this line.

Doctor Jackal offers Lady Poison no support. Lady Poison would never forgive her for pity.

Well, she wouldn't!

Ironically, I was trying for the exact opposite effect. But I suppose it doens't matter too much, does it? Even though some of them are extremely macho - but they'd still be macho if they were girls. Heh.

I apologise, it wasn't meant as an insult.

I think that's the problem -- they'd be girls, but they'd still be in a shounen manga, and shounen manga girls are often the macho sort. (Or sometimes the quiet but deadly sort.) None of the above characters have stopped fighting or even changed how they do it, much. Which is fair enough -- you want to keep them who they are.

No apologies are necessary; I'm just annoyed with myself for not writing more clearly. But it's exactly as you say - they wouldn't change.

Awesome idea. ^_^ If you wouldn't be terribly opposed to it, I could do the gals if you'd like. Not sure I could keep your "gender doesn't matter" tone for all of them, but a few of them already are pretty gender ambiguous.

Go for it. I wish you well. Don't worry about the tone - like I said to incandescens, I was trying for 'gender does matter', and missed by a mile, so I'd love to see how they'd actually be *different* rather than how they'd be the same.

Yeah, I know how frustrating it is to have your original intention missed by a mile. If it's any consolation, upon rereading it with the opposite theme in mind I could see where you were going.

Eh, I'm used to it. A lot of my stories seem to go where they want, not really where I want. If it didn't work, it didn't work, and maybe it makes a better theme this way.

And I finished my part of it. ^_^ Every drabble 100 words on the dot. Hope they do your original project justice.

"Yeah. I'm not your mother." Paul's expression is unreadable behind her sunglasses.

That made me burst into fits of giggles for some reason. X3

It was actually supposed to tug at the heartstrings, but I guess it only works if you've been reading the manga summaries.

It did tug at the heartstrings for me, even though I haven't been keeping up...and now I'm curious as to the spoiler....but don't tell me. :)

(And these were great, btw. :)

my reaction to that line, after, 'yeah, well, SHE'S not' was '....ow.'

So my evil plan has come to fruition! Thank you!


I love the way things change just a little in each genderswitch, the way you explore the consequences - you did this masterfully. Great work!

really cool... they're still so in charac despite everything... love Kazuki's drabble... and Shido's one was really funny... but u could really imagine it happening...


Hey hey,
Have friended you upon stumbling across your quirky writings =)Do you mind at all? I must say I quite enjoy your style...

Re: ~waves

I don't mind a bit. Have fun.