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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

bye bye!, ^_^
Rook the Librarian gisho
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[GetBackers] Drunken antics.
I've never actually played Truth or Dare, so I might have got the rules wrong, but hey ... they're drunk, they might have forgotten them.

By the fourth bottle Natsumi was swaying gently from side to side. "I, I, I," she managed, "take ... dare."

"Al-RIGHT! Booyah!" Ban held his glass in the air and clinked it against Ginji's. "I daresh you to do a dansh on the bar." He leaned back in his seat and lit a cigarette.

Natsumi stood up, one hand on the booth for support. "I'm not sure that's a good i, i, idea."

"Right! Master might be mad." Ginji nodded earnerstly, his big brown eyes sparkling with tears. "We don't want Master to be mad."

"Nonshenshe. He'sh not here." Ban waved expansivelly at the coathook where his jeans and shirt were now hanging (somewhere around the fourth bottle his undershirt had gotten used as a cleaning rag and was now sitting in the sink). "Jusht us! You don't mind danshing for us, do you? Huh?" Ginji, an equal-opportunity sobber, lay his head on Ban's shoulder and sniffled in despair at the idea Natsumi might not dance for them. "And take off your shirt," Ban added absently as he threw an arm over Ginji's shoulders.

"But, but then I won't be wearing i, it." Despite this unimpeachable logic Natsumi began to clamber hestiantly onto the bar.

Ban sniffed and took a long drink. "I did ash much for you, babe," he pointed out.

"Okay! But I, I get an extra turn from you." Ban nodded, and Natsumi stood up unsteadily on the bar and unbuttoned her shirt. She flung it to the ground, revealing a lacy red bra. Ban raised his glass again and cheered; Ginji sobbed with joy and wiped his eyes on Ban's hair.

Natsumi, when sober, was a good dancer. When as throughly shloshed as she was, she moved clumsily, continually on the edge of falling, but her enthusiasm was apparent, and Ban's whopps and whistles only encouraged her. She spun cheerfully along the bar, knocking over several glasses but never quite falling.

When she reached the end Ban began to clap. Natsumi beamed and attempted to take a bow, which was when she finally overbalanced and plummeted.

Despite their extreme inebriation, both Ban and a still-sobbing Ginji were halfway across the room by the time she hit the floor. Ginji crawled the rest of the way as fast as his shaking legs would move, and cradled her head in his hands while Ban bit his lip. "Natsumi, you're okay, right?" Ginji asked solemnly.

Natsumi winced. "I thi, think so." She stared up at him, her expression going dreamy again. "And now you, you BOTH owe me a turn."

"Dare," they said simultaineously.

Natsumi gave them a big goofy grin, and suddenly they realized what a stupid idea saying 'Dare' had been.

I can't help but wonder what ideas a drunken Natsumi would have for our boys...

Take the fact she already dared Ban down to his underwear and run with it. Also, remember than in my mind Natsumi has a well-hidden taste for yaoi manga.

Were you the person who said that Natsumi picks up spare cash by filming Ban and Ginji getting it on in the Bug and selling it online?

I wasn't, but I have no trouble imagining it. 0.0 She's so cheerfully evil.

Also, remember than in my mind Natsumi has a well-hidden taste for yaoi manga.

^______^ My mind was going RIGHT THERE, too. Heee....


hahahaha... oh I'd really like to read more of this, and yet, the way you left it off sends my mind spinning.