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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

... did I leave the oven on?, pensive
Rook the Librarian gisho
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From a GetBackers/Tokyo Babylon crossover that will never be written.
"No, Himiko-san, I don't believe I shall join you. Sakurazuka-san would not be pleased to see me again."

"Why not?" Himiko tugged irritably at the too-short skirt she had been forced to borrow, hoping she would not encounter another fight before she could go home and change. The matching hat had already been removed and stuck in her waistband.

Akabane smiled languidly. "We had a disagreement of sorts over the unpleasant characters who happened upon us earlier. A territorial argument, you might say. He took offense to the fact that I disposed of them before he had an opportunity to. He seemed to regard it as his perogative to defend the honor of the children. You, I believe, had already escorted them to saftey by then, so you would not have heard." He tilted his head, as if suddenly remebering something. "Also, I stole his trenchcoat."

That last line slays me.

*blush* That was actually the first line I wrote. The rest was an excuse to use it.

He tilted his head, as if suddenly remebering something. "Also, I stole his trenchcoat."

:sneeeeerks: So you were stripping Seishirou is what you're telling us, Akabane? ^______^

Akabane: No; my own coat was damaged in the encounter, is all, and he *had* removed his coat after complaining of the heat ... For some reason this make Subaru-san blush and Hokuto-san giggle.

......uh huh. Riiiight.

Though if Akabane DID steal Seichirou's style, I have to say that he at least had some major tailoring done. I don't remember Seichirou's coat ever doing that "accentuate ze waist" thing that Akabane's does.... :)

Oh, that's hilarious. Especially when considering I RPed as Akabane with Seishirou(played by Marsy) in a cross-anime RPG before. Love it love it. :D!