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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

Rook the Librarian gisho
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For white_jasmine.

Kusanagi was quite suprised, one morning, to get an email from 'Yatouji Satsuki'. He was quite sure he didn't know anyone named Yatouji. Then he opened the email and read it and felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stoumach.

Somehow he couldn't bring himself to be surpised, though.

He wrote a rather terse reply, that amounted to "I'll be there". Then he sat back and tried to hold off a headache by sheer force of will. It didn't work very well, so, giving silent thanks that it was his day off, he took a few asprin and decided that, for once, he'd try going back to bed and seeing if the day was any better when he woke up.


She'd said to meet her at a certain park on a certain day, and he'd shown up early and spent a little time feeding the pigeons. It wasn't long, however, before she showed up, the gears of her bicycle clicking in a regular pattern that brought Kusanagi out of his reverie and reminded him uncomfortably of the noise of a broken disc drive, although he wasn't sure why. No, not a broken disk drive. A functioning disk drive trying to access a lost file.

She swung off the bike, and Kusanagi looked up with a start, feeling guilty and startled, inexplicably. Like a machine, he found himself thinking. Lifeless and cold, but her movements are perfect.

Kusanagi didn't like perfect things. He like living things. He found himself wondering what someone like her was doing on the side that might, in theory, destroy humanity - and Kusanagi didn't like that idea, mostly, but sometimes he did - but he decided to withhold judgement.

"Come with me," she said. He wasn't suprised that she hadn't needed to ask who he was, either.


He tried not to catch her eye. He didn't know what to think of her. Of the other Angels he only talked to Yuuto, as a rule, since Yuuto seemed to be the only one who wanted to talk to him. They became friends soon enough, and found themself spending time together even when they didn't have to, and having pointless but relaxing conversations about art and poetry and the best ways to grow orchids, over tea. Satsuki sometimes looked at them askance when they left meetings together, but she never did mor than look. Kusanagi wondered what she was thinking.

He didn't like the basement where they met. It felt too cold to him. She seemed to revel in the cold.


There was an obvious way to talk to her, he realized, that didn't involve cacthing her eye. She'd probably prefer it that way anyway.

So he wrote her an email, and asked all the things he couldn't bring hiself to ask: what was she doing there? Why was she on the side of the Angels? What was it to her?

He got a reply sooner than he had expected.


It's not that I hate humans - although I do. It's only that I see there are more important things. Kusanagi-san, you of all people should realize that something beautiful is being ruined by allowing humans to remain on the earth.

All we're doing is removing a cancer. Once it was a vital part, but it's grown too big for its function, started to reproduce without reason, and so it has to be destroyed for the body to be healthy again.

I'm not afraid of change.


He couldn't think of anything to say in reply, so he deleted the message and tried not to think too hard about it.

But deep down he knew she was probably right.

I always did love Kusanagi. How in that one ep, after all the crap that happens, Fuuma asks him, "Well, do you want to switch sides?" and Kusanagi says, "Eh. Not really."

<3 <3

(I found it funny how you'd gotten requests from White Aster and White Jasmine. ^____^ )


I used to write a lot of Kusanagi fics, and I always avoided scenes between him and Satsuki because I could never figure out how they would interact. This is perfect. Excellent work.

Re: Excellent!

Thank you very much. If you don't mind my asking, how did you find my journal?

I only just got home so sorry for the belated feedback- wow. WOW. I absolutely love this and I'm really pleased you chose Satsuki as the other Angel for the interaction, because it always seemed to me that they're quite different, and maybe not quite as different as it seems as first.

<3xxorz it.