Rook the Librarian (gisho) wrote,
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[Dragaera] Vlad/Aliera ficbit: Second-Best

This may be part of a longer work later. It starrted out part of a Vlad/Kragar which the author fears may have to be scrapped altogether; but it seemed to stand well independantly, and in a fanfom this miniscule, any scrap, however small it may be and however unpolished and underacheiving the author may view it as, will doubtelssly be received with gratidude merely for its rarity, since the overall paucity of writing only whets the appetites of those who would peruse it. ... erm, and this is Rook writing this, not Paarfi, really. Translation: since there's so little fic in this fandom, it's probably okay to post weird little bits purely in the interest of increasing the corpus, wheras it wouldn't be in a larger fandom.

Even though on one level I know most of my best friends are Dragaerans - heck, all my friends are Dragaerans except for Cawti and Noish-pa, but then again I don't have a lot of friends, and Morrolan and Aliera and Kragar are, well, they're special cases - I still hate the species as a whole.

Aliera, I beleive, finds this highly amusing. Of course, she finds a lot of things amusing that most people wouldn't. The first time we made love she found the whole idea very amusing, which rather annoyed me at the time. Eventually I worked out that she found the idea of seducing her own brother - in a sense - amusing. At the time, though, I growled at her and asked what she thought was so funny.

"The incongruity," she said. Lying, of course. "Dragonlords don't approve of assasination, and here I am with the second-best assasin in House Jhereg in my bed."

"Second-best?" I'd known I was good, but 'second-best' was a bit much. I wouldn't have put myself at better than fourth place.

"Mmm-hmm. I guess I'm working my way down," she said, and kissed me, and then we found things to do that didn't involve talking for a bit. It wasn't until later on I figured out what she meant, and wondered if I could get her to tell me who Mario was.
Tags: fic: dragaera

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