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Seishirou Sakurazuka loved to lurk, and considered himself to be one of the most accomplished lurkers in Tokyo, if not the world. He could blend into the shadows so well that not only did people forget he was there, but when he lit a cigarette they looked up, sniffed, and asked each other idly if they'd started wearing new aftershave. The talent pretty much ensured him privacy anywhere, as well as an endless source of amusement.

Therefore he was not surpised when Yuuto and Kanoe tumbled into the meeting room, pawing at each other's clothing (Yuuto's tie had already been abandoned), and failed utterly to notice him. The way the were kissing, they wouldn't have noticed an average lurker. Or a herd of elephants.

He smiled and ground out the remnants of his cigarette. He had no objections to enjoying the view. Kanoe had already worked open the little pearl buttons of her blouse, which was hanging from her elbows. Yuuto grinned as he nibbbled down her neck, busily undoing her bra with such skill that by the time he reacher her nipples there was nothing in the way. He took a moment to shuck his jacket, then undo his shirt. Seishirou grinned and lit another cigarette, watching curiosuly as Yuuto disposed of his trousers and Kanoe unzipped her skirt, wiggling just enough to make it drop to the floor.

Kanoe grabbed Yuuto and pressed her hips against him, pressing him against the table. Seishirou could see Yuuto's over-wide grin over Kanoe's shoulder and hear his pleasured gasps. "Kanooeee ..." Yuuto reached out and did something to her groin. " ... it's in my jacket ..."

"Alright, lover," Kanoe purred, and gently turned Yuuto around, bending him over the conference table. As she turned to fish in his discarded jacket, the strap-on jutting out over her pushed-down lace panties was clearly visible. It was blue.

Seishirou nearly choked on his cigarette, and realized with a sinking feeling that he might be able to lurk, but there as no way he could sneak out of the room unseen. He was good, but they had locked the door, and he knew for a fact that it creaked.

The noise of Kanoe popping open the tube of lubricant seemed louder than it had any right to.
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