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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

Rook the Librarian gisho
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Cowboy Bebop fanfic: "Name"
It seems the only way to find readable Cowboy Bebop fanfic is to write it yourself. It's not a matter of a fandom so small noone good has started writing - it's a matter of a fandom so large the dross is unbearable to wade through. Can anyone tender recommendations?

That said, this is a first attempt, and most of this has no basis whatsoever in the series, so. Pretentious wankery and imagery ahoy. Also spoilers for Jupiter Jazz.

This one goes out especially to kyra because she has Cool Icons.

Eckener. It's a German name, he's almost certain. At least, it sounds German. He doesn't look German, but who does these days? He doesn't look like anything much. He's a citizen of the solar system. Old loyalties are hard to keep when most of the lands people live in didn't even exist seventy years ago. Noone has a country. Personal loyalties are all that's left, and sometimes not even that.

But it doesn't matter whether it's a German name. What matters is that it's his father's name, or was once, and he likes to think it gives him roots, even if he doesn't know where they run.

Guo. The name of a family friend. He got his first saxaphone as a birthday present, when he was ten. It took him months before he could play to the satisfaction of anyone else and years before he could play to the satisfaction of himself, but he kept it up. It meant something. It was something beautiful, and he loved the look on the face of the man who had given it to him when he puffed his way through an entire piece, when he made something perfect. He took the saxaphone with him to Titan, although it was very difficult to manage. And sometimes, despite the continual sandstorms and the occasional bullets and the constant press of the still too-thin air, he'd take it out and play. Sometimes people would clap. Vicious never clapped, but he'd stare at the bell of the instrument with hungry eyes sometimes, like he was thinking of something else entirely.

It's probably still in a locker somewhere in the prison. And the one he bought when he got to Blue Crow is still in its case in his apartment. Just as well. He doesn't have the breath left to play, or the time.

Elijah. This name his father picked out for him, a Christian name, a tribute to a god in which he has never been able to beleive. He wonders now, staring up at the blue sky, whether there's some kind of Heaven waiting for him. He doesn't think so. He could never bring himself to believe in a God, trust, love someone he'd never seen. Love is for the people whom he knows. Comrades.

The reason people want to love an omnipotent God they've never met, it occurs to him, is that God will never betray them. But how can they say God has never betrayed them when every sorrow that their life has contained, God could have prevented? No. Better to trust in those you know. And hope they're worth it.

Mars. He was born on Mars, which is why his mother named him that. His mother's middle name was Wyoming, which was where she was born. When he was a little boy he used to read over and over a books he had, which had a woman called Wyoming in it too, who lived on the moon. Nobody lives on the moon now, and he was sorry for that, because he imagined it would have been very interesting. His mother told him all about the place where she was born. It used to be beautiful, covered in wheatfields, she said, but when she was growing up it was mostly dust. But it's still a nice place to remember. He likes to remeber what it was like when he lived on Mars. Most of it is a desert, but he had friends there.

He'd always told himself that someday he'd go to Wyoming. He's sorry he never got to see it except in photographs.

Grencia. This name was his and his only. It never meant anything else. That can be good too. He called himself Gren, and he played the saxaphone, and he tried to be true to his friends, and sometimes he even managed it. That's all that's left of him. Maybe they'll remember.

eeep. oooh. meeeble....

Gren fic. :sighs contentedly: Thanks.

And I would give you a link to a place that used to have some good Gren!fic (the only place that I've found to have Gren!fic, but some of it very good, nonetheless. Makes me wish I'd saved some of it to my hard drive before it wen kaput), but it seems like it's being overhauled, and nothing's there anymore. But, ah! A few of the good ones I just found elsewhere:

I liked Space Lion in Winter. And Jumping with Backpack Billy was well-written, though it was a little jumpy and the Gren-abuse wasn't quite my thing. It had some good bits to it, though.

i am a huge gren fan and i have tons of cool gren sites ^_^ they are mainly in my first post in the link i am about to post but there are other cool stuff throught the the 8 pages ^^


^___^ Thanks! I think that I found a few of those pages before, or where they used to live before they moved. But thank you so much!

hey no problem ^_^

i am planning on making a gren AMV to the song "crash and burn" by savage garden. its a really sweet song that explains how i feel about him so PERFECTLY. download it ^_^

my friends also made some cool fanart.....and those same friends altered gren pics making him looks weird >_> like grenlet (gren fused with piglet) stuff like that >_>

Grenness is Greatness ^_^

I love your work. I like when people delve deeper into his character ^_^ very nice.

The Gren Collection has been updated O_o a lot O_O. Finished Gren music video/ tons of fanfic/ and gren avatars and sigs you all can use ^^ hope you like it ^^


never stop writing ^^ keep the love of gren going

*purr* Mmm. I love seeing well-written Gren fics. There are too few of them.



I feel compelled to point out that I got those lovely CB icons courtesy of ladysisyphus.

Re: Fic-tastic!

They're still cool, and they inspired me to watch CB again to be sure I remebered correctly where they were from, and *that* inspired me to fic. So. I guess this one goes to you and the lady, then.