Rook the Librarian (gisho) wrote,
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fic: praying for rain (part 2)

Part 1 here.

Once upon a time she would have gone north but that wasn't really an option that appealed anymore. She found an old friend of hers called Seabastian, or sometimes Koe, and left the object in his care. Then she went back to the warehouse and took care of the bodies. It wasnt' that difficult to transport them to the edge of the bay, wrapped in sheets, and she did no more to hide them than a simple mantra to divert attention away from them.

She prided herself on her appraoch to mantras. She, and Koe, and a few other interested friends, had about twenty years ago begun what they called The Project, with the capitals, an attempt to take the basic structure of mantras in ancient languages (Greek, mostly, or Sumerian) and adapt them to a designed language they had invented, with a vocabulary largely derived from Quenya and a grammar unrealted to anything they could think of, except in bits. They were tired of having a fixed base of mantras. The time was past for musty books; there was no reason spell-working shouldn't be as easy as computer coding was. Computer codes told a computer how to behave. Spells told the universe how to behave. It was a simple mapping, really.

They rarely talked; they were the kind of people who tried to keep out of view, and they felt no uregency. It's difficult to be urgent when you have all the time in the world. Sometimes it's neessary to hurry, but there will always be another chance, another year, another meeting.

The Project was far from complete, but showing promising results, and the mantra she used to hide the bodies was nuerologically-based and therfore both more effective and shorter than the old version (which relied on the possible finders of the hidden item understanding a particular language.)

Then, she rented an apartment, availed herself of the normal human channels to obtain a false ID in the name of Chinook Garcia, and waited. She did not expect to have to wait long, although she was very patient when necessary.

The author still has no idea where this is going, but it's fun.

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