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watching the lights go down

other worlds through sunglasses

book geek, paper is always with us
Rook the Librarian gisho
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Things that make me go !
Puck of Pook's Hill, Rudyard Kipling - Puck: "The fact is they began as Gods. The Phoenicians brought some over when they came to buy tin; and the Gauls, and the Jutes, and the Danes, and the Frisians, and the Angles brought more when they landed. They were always landing in those days, or being driven back to their ships, and they always brought their Gods with them. England is a bad country for Gods."

American Gods, Neil Gaiman - Wednesday, Whiskey Jack: "When the people came to America they brought us with them. They brought me, and Loki and Thor, Anansi and the Lion-God, Leprechauns and Kobolds and Banshees, Kubera and Frau Holle and Ashtaroth, and they brought you. We rode here in their minds, and we took root. We traveled with the settlers to the new lands across the ocean. The land is vast. Soon enough, our people abandoned us, remembered us only as creatures of the old land, as things that had not come with them to the new." . . . "This is not a good country for gods. My people figured that out early on."

This has to be useful in a story somehow.

No idea how. But I'll have to find something. I wonder if Gaiman ever read Puck of Pook's Hill?

I'd be astonished if he hadn't.

Hmm, that makes me want to read the Kipling, out of curiosity. (And that is not a thing I ever thought I'd say.)

Nice to see you around again, btw!