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GetBackers KINK MEME!
Sooooo, there isn't one yet, and I am just bored enough to think it would be interesting.


If you're not familiar with kink memes, the idea is that you ANONYMOUSLY post a request for a ficlet, involving a pairing and a kink. The requests can be as weird as you like. Then try to fill one out, again anonymously.

This is all in the name of fun.

The rules (such as they are):
- Requests may be answered as many times as someone feels inspired. Fic, art, whatever you like is fine.
- Be enthusiastic. If you post a request, at least try to fill one one; if you fill out a request, at least try to post one - or two, if you can think of two. The more activity the better.
- Anonymity is normal, but if you feel like owning up to something you wrote, it's not obligatory.
- The mod reserves the right to delete off-topic, rude, or otherwise innapropriate comments.
- We are here to HAVE FUN. Keep that in mind, and don't take it too seriously! <3

Incidentally: as you probably already know, if you don't want to keep checking back to see if a response was made, the pushpin icon will allow you to track a discussion and get notifications.

And please, link this from your own journals if you think it would interest anyone on your flist!

ETA: A useful list of 'kinks' for inspiration can be found at
Return of the ETA: Crack is also more than welcome! No sex need be involved.

Ban/Ginji - erotic asphyxiation.



The first time anything this flavor happened–somewhere in the black cherry family, opposed to vanilla–it was fairly straightforward. Ban made one smartass remark too many, and Ginji wrapped a fist in his hair and pulled his head back, and after that Ban was so pleasingly quiet, so giving, that Ginji was a little nervous. When they had sex again the next night, Ginji made sure it was so sweet and gentle it would melt teeth.

The second time, Ban put his hands at his sides and opened his mouth wide. He looked up at Ginji like a challenge, said, “I can take it.” Ginji went slow at first, but the suction in the back of Ban’s throat was too good, too strong, and Ban’s eyes watered and God. Ginji felt bad about it for weeks, but Ban’s eyes were so bright when he had tears in them. It made Ginji want to hold Ban close and run his fingers along Ban’s chest and apologize forever. The next day in the Honky Tonk, Natsumi offered Ban a special hot tea for his sore throat, and Ban put his hand on Ginji’s lap under the counter.

“I like it rough,” he said the third time, placing Ginji’s hands in his hair.

It was a while before the next time. Mugenjou came calling, and Ban was hurt, and then there were the Miroku gang and Mugenjou again, and Ginji thought he’d like to resurrect Fudou himself, for being a creepy jerk and hurting Ban so much. Ban was quiet for a while after Fudou was dead, neither touching Ginji nor allowing himself to be touched, and Ginji watched from a frightened distance until Ban pulled him close one night in the car, and jerked them both off.

It was nearly summer again before Ban and Ginji had recovered enough to feel really good enough for anything beyond lazy handjobs. They fell onto the bed, tangle of legs and arms and ribcages pressing together, both of them too thin. But Ban pulled back to remove his pants, and he took his belt from the loops.

“No,” Ginji said, suddenly remembering the hunk of hair he’d pulled out of Ban’s scalp.

“Don’t be a pussy, Ginji,” Ban said. He let the pants drop and held the belt between his hands. He reached up and settled it around his neck, pulling the length of leather through the clasp, then letting it fall against his chest. “Just pull it a little while you’re fucking me.”

Ginji hated the words Ban used. Fucking, sucking, humping. He hung his head. Ban’s finger under his chin tilted it back up again. “Look at me, Ginji,” he said. And Ginji did. Ban’s chest was flushed all over, and his dick stood up straight and insistent. “I like this.”

“Why, Ban-chan–“

Ban kissed him, bore him back down to the bed. “Ginji.” Another kiss, on his chin. “Ginji, I trust you. You think I’d let anybody do this to me? Come on . . .”

Ginji covered his eyes with both hands, a little afraid to see Ban’s eyes right now, afraid of what Ban might see in them. Ban knew what Ginji liked to hear. I trust you.

Ban’s lips pressed gently into the soft part of Ginji’s stomach, and Ginji felt him press the belt into his hand. His eyes cracked open as he heard Ban moan, and he saw Ban’s back arched as he reached behind himself, all lean curves. His breath puffed hot against Ginji’s stomach, and he nuzzled there a little, a smile on his face. His cheeks had gone red a little, not from blushing, but because he’d tightened the belt a little. When Ban was satisfied with his preparation, he rubbed his hands up and down Ginji’s erection, firmly. Ginji moaned this time.


They shifted until Ban underneath Ginji, his agile legs spread wide, looking up at him. The grin on his face made Ginji want to bite a little. Ban was getting his way. He always did.

That thought, how spoiled Ban was, rattled in his brain like dice and he pressed inside quick. He tightened his fist around the belt and pulled as he did so, choking off Ban’s startled cry. Ban reached back, over his own head and wrapped his fists in the sheet. Ginji hoped it didn’t rip. They’d lose the deposit on the room.

Then Ban squeezed, somehow, like fingers along the keys of a piano, a graduated press along Ginji’s cock in Ban’s ass. Ginji’s vision was flecked with white spots, and he started to move. Ban grunted, his face now red all over from the restricted airflow. His cock was rigid, urgently pressed against Ginji’s stomach.

“Ti–tighter–“ Ban moaned it. Ginji made a noise of his own, somewhere between unhappiness and helplessness and pulled the belt tighter. Ban’s chest heaved under his own and his body spasmed, and that threw Ginji’s reasoning brain somewhere into outer space. He planted his fists on the mattress and moved inside Ban with force and enthusiasm, occasionally yanking on the belt to make Ban’s body do that again.

It ended too soon. Ginji slowed and stopped and blinked unfocused eyes at Ban, whose back was still arching and whose fists were still wrapped in the sheets. Ginji let go of the belt in favor of grabbing Ban’s dick and jerking him off. Ban took over, pulled the belt tighter, tighter–

Then all of a sudden, let it go, and orgasmed with such intensity he passed out afterwards, and Ginji spent the rest of the night in an anxious ball at his side.

The next day Ban dug a turtle neck out of the trunk, even though it was too hot for them now, but there was no way to explain the perfect circle of bruise around his throat. Ginji knew it was unhealthy, this insistence of Ban’s that he be treated roughly. Ban had issues of self-worth that few people could even guess at, and Ban trusted Ginji to treat Ban like he deserved–and make sure he’d still be alive afterward.

Ginji resolved to say no next time, and mean it.

Re: 2/2

Wow. That was not my request, but WOW. That was so very them, and so very hot.


I came. :) Thank you.

Well, this will be a request unfortunately for I do not have the courage to fill up the one above, erotic asphyxiation is not my cup of tea. I'm deeply sorry.

Request (no need to fill it, anyways):

Pairing: Juubei X Toshiki X Kadsuki.

Kink: Play dressing up and acting according the character they dressed up (I think the English word is sexy-roleplaying, I'm not quite sure).

Explanation: Juubei Kakei dresses as a power ranger at the GBA game "Jagan Fuuin" to dance with Ban and Ginji in one of the mini quests. Kadsuki has openly admited he found it adorable while Toshiki, I'm not quite sure... (couldn't understand properly what he said about it).

Pictures below:

I have always thought that, aside from the classic Juubei the doctor, Kadsuki the nurse and Toshiki the patient; Kadsuki might have proposed to play the damsel in distress being rescued by the power rangers just for his personal amusement.

A silly theme would be perfect for this.

(If whoever decides to take this challenge likes more the idea of the doctor/nurse/patient roleplaying better, it is still perfect with me :D)

Thank you in advance!

Pairing-writers choice
Catch-Juubei is blind

[1/1] a useful memory

Juubei minded not being able to see Kazuki, more than anything. But he knew the memories wouldn't fade. How could they?

He hardly needed to, but he called them up while he ran his hands down Kazuki's body, and listened to him moan. He had always been eager to please. Juubei did his best to indulge every whim of Kazuki's and for the most part Kazuki was eager to let him.

He had always watched Kazuki, wherever they were. It was no different when they were alone together. Kazuki thought it was charming, how Juubei would always meet his eyes as they coupled, and never look away. He'd run his hands through Juubei's hair, and ask, don't you ever get tired of watching me? And Juubei said, never.

Once Kazuki, in a whimsical mood, had asked if there was anything Juubei wanted, since Juubei was so eager to please. He had to think about it for a second, but what he came up with was I want to watch you.

Mmm? They had been laying on opposite sides of the matress, only their fingertips touching; Juubei shifted until he was leaning on an elbow. He pushed the sheets aside. Like this? Kazuki had asked as he let his other hand slip between his thighs, caressingly. Yes, Juubei had said, although it was Kazuki's face, his sweet smile and half-closed eyes he was watching. Just like that. He kept watching and didn't move at all, although his breath hitched just as much as it did when they were wrapped up in each other, and his skin held the same sheen of sweat.

He held onto that memory now, as Kazuki pressed inside him, murmurng sweetly against his neck, and he stared into the blackness that was all he saw and his hands tightened in the sheets.

Re: [1/1] a useful memory

Not the requester, but this is gorgeous.

Hope you don't mind a double post! [1/2]

It had been a habit of his, before the blindness - this voyeuristic streak. It came, he supposed, of sharing cramped spaces with the rest of Fuuga too long, before they gained reputation and with it, territory. Too long listening to others trying to keep quiet in the dark, trying to still harsh pants and quiet soft groans, til the choice was between arousal and not being able to face your companions in the morning, not being able to watch their backs.

Still, he had exercised this fetish occasionally once they had finally been able to spread out. But it was the blindness that really cemented the habit. It was a way to expand his limited perceptions of the world, a way to connect to the outside. More it was a way to get close to Kazuki.

Juubei's skin tingled with the warmth of another body encircling his own. Kazuki's breath blew warm in his ear, lips nearly touching the lobe. They had to be close, for this, had to be quiet. Their unknowing companions in this didn't want to be seen, but that was all right. Juubei was good at keeping secrets.

"He's gotten Ginji's shirt off," Kazuki said softly. "Well, the vest part at least, and his is unbuttoned to the waist. Those glasses are gone too, and - "

Juubei hears Kazuki's breath catch, feels his fingers still for a split second where they've been rubbing circles on his chest. Around his shoulder, Kazuki's other hand tightens.

"They're kissing," Kazuki says. "It's almost sweet, but they're too eager." Juubei hears a soft pop, and Kazuki says, "Their lips are shining."

Juubei closes his eyes, even though it makes no difference, and visualizes every detail of the two that he can remember. Their clothes were too loose to allow him to get a really good look at their physiques, but Juubei is a doctor. He remembers Ginji's strong calves and firm arms, his slightly bulky frame. He remembers Ban's lean limbs, but he also remembers the strength in his hands. From there, it is easy to extrapolate an unbuttoned shirt over a spare chest, a white shirt clutched so tightly that the muscles beneath it are exposed in stark relief. He imagines their faces, pressed together, their mouths twined like their bodies. Juubei resists the urge to groan.

Kazuki feels the shaky exhalation beneath his hand, and laughs, low in his throat. "Ginji has Ban's shirt on the floor now. I wonder how they'll find it in the morning. And Ban has managed to slip Ginji's over his head now. They're kissing again."

Juubei goes back to his mental image, only this time he removes the shirts. But he remembers how this dance goes, and now he places two tanned hands on narrow shoulders, reaching upwards beneath wiry arms which are roaming up and down a muscled back. In his mind, one slender finger slides beneath the waistband of cargo shorts. This time he releases the noise in a soft exhale, leaving his mouth open and leaning his head back on Kazuki's shoulder. Kazuki does not laugh, this time. Instead, he begins to move his hand downwards, stroking and teasing the muscles of Juubei's abdomen as he keeps up a running commentary.

"Oh... Ban is down on his knees, he's pushed Ginji against a wall. He's tugging the zipper down with his teeth..." His nimble fingers find Juubei's member, fluttering butterfly kisses on it at first with his fingertips. "He has him out, and he's just licking him for now, and Ginji can't stand it, he's clutching the wall..." Now he takes Juubei firmly in hand, pulling and squeezing. "He's stopped playing around, there he goes, ooh, all the way down," Kazuki says, a little keening note in his voice, accenting his words with a little twist that makes Juubei bite down on a gasp and struggle for air. "Ginji's started making noises, and if you're careful, Juubei, you can too." Kazuki's strokes are faster now, and briefly his other hand joins, warm and wet, to fondle at his balls and to give one quick stroke with the other. Juubei whines and melts, and Kazuki's hand comes away to steady him.

"Oh! Ginji's lost it, and he's pulling Ban back up now, to kiss him. But Ban's not finished," Kazuki tells him in a breathless voice, running a thumb along the underside for good measure. But Juubei is, and with that, he comes, Kazuki's voice a soft murmur below the roar of blood in his head.

Re: Hope you don't mind a double post! [1/2]

Er. Um. I meant 1/1, just had to shorten it a bit. *is a ditz*

Re: Hope you don't mind a double post! [1/2]

It is by far easier to request then to write. (bows) Much Obliged.

Re: Hope you don't mind a double post! [1/2]

Loved the story. I have always though Kazuki and Juubei would enjoy a little show.

Re: Hope you don't mind a double post! [1/2]

Whoa. I'd been looking for a GB kink meme just to request pretty much this. Awesome. :DDD

Juubei/Kazuki. "You belong to me." Kazuki comes on Juubei's face/body.


It was all too fast. Juubei was thrown back over the sheets, gasping, his hand clenched on Kazuki's hips. Kazuki was laughing. Their clothes were scattered on the floor. "Beautiful," Kazuki said, and Juubei felt himself blush, despite his arousal. It only made Kazuki laugh harder.

He reached between them and rubbed his hand along Kazuki's erection. Too fast, but it had been a long time, and he wanted this so badly. Kazuki's laugh cut off with a gasp.

"I missed you," Kazuki whispered into his ear, and held him tight.

"But I've been back for - "

"Not really." Kazuki kissed him, and Juubei couldn't help himself; he tightened his hand, made a few insistent strokes, and Kazuki gasped into his mouth as he came. They collapsed together. They were going to stick if they didn't clean up, Juubei thought vaugely, but the thought was too distant behind his still-insistent arousal to make any difference.

Above him, Kazuki laughed again, low and gentle. "Mine," he declared. "I'm never letting you go again."

"Yours," Juubei murmured, and smiled.

Emishi/Sakura; role reversal.

Himiko/Akabane, voyeurism/let sleeping jackals lie/waking the sleeping beauty (him) with more than just a kiss


Sorry this is so late! And short.


Himiko woke in the early morning and watched the lights through the motel blinds for a while. At least she was under a roof. Last night had not gone well at all. On the other side of the bed, Akabane was still asleep. The sheet was around his waist, and she could barely make out the long, ragged scar down his chest.

She'd often wondered about that scar. It looked as though someone had been trying to rip the heart from his chest, and hadn't missed.

When she returned from the shower he was still lying there. The light had shifted and he was in shadow. His eyes were open, but there was no other indication that he was awake. She dropped her robe and slipped under the sheets beside him. He raised his eyebrows just a little, but she leaned up and planted a kiss on his lips. He half-smiled, and rolled over a little. She followed until she was lying on top him, and pressed her hips hard against his.

He made no sound, but his smile flickered, and she answered with a predatory grin.

Re: [1/1]

Ooh, I love this. Thank you! :)

Yamato/Ban, first time or . . .

Ban/Ginji, having to do with Ban being a witch.

[1/?] Volva

Ginji/Ban, having to do with Ban being a witch.

"Can we go see her again?"

Ban scowled and stubbed out his cigarette on the edge of the fountain. "The old biddy? Why the hell would you want to see her again? You don't even know what half the stuff she fed you was! She's a nutcase! And I should know!"

"But it tasted good!" Ginji frowned as he carefully folded his legs, until he was perched cross-legged on the fountain's edge, hands on his ankles and an expression of fierce concentration on his face. "She was really nice to us, too. She thought I was cute! And she raised you, so she's sort of like your mother. Aren't I good enough to take home to your parents, Ban-chan?" Ginji added a doe-eyed look to the last comment, lips trembling.

Ban managed to meet it for about three seconds before he lost it and started laughing. Even from Ginji that had to be a joke. After half a moment Ginji started laughing too, throwing his head back and letting go of his ankles. He went over backwards into the fountain with a tremendous splash and a shriek. Ban sighed, stood up, and extended a hand. After a moment, Ginji took it, looking sheepish. "Maybe you should go back for lessons," Ban muttered. "Walking on water, for a start."

Ginji shook his head, spraying water everywhere. If it didn't soak Ban, it was only because he'd been caught in the initial splash and couldn't get any wetter. "Can witches do that? Without the cards? I though it was just the cards that let you. Couldn't you teach me, Ban-chan? You're a witch, right?"

"Witch," Ban muttered, "does not automatically equal spellcaster. I don't do that sort of stuff. Maria's a fraud anyway, you know. Half her stuff is seid but she says it's all Thessalian, with a bit of this and that. Doesn't matter. Not my thing. I have to get by with just the Evil Eye. And my natural charm, of course."

He added a broad grin, and Ginji ducked his head and blushed as he stepped out of the fountain, not letting go of Ban's hand. "What's seid?"

"Norse magic. Real heavy stuff. You want a crash course?"


"Really and truly?"

"Of course I do! You taught me about Hellenistic sculpture - "

" - for all the good it did - "

" - and oenology and neoprimitivism and ley lines and the wu xing and the solstices. Why wouldn't I want to know?" Ginji's eyes were shining. He wasn't stupid, really, he just wasn't as complicated as Ban-chan was, all angles and sideways words and secrets that he kept wrapped up inside until they hurt. Ginji wanted to know everything Ban-chan could teach him. He smiled, and Ban smiled back.

"Well, okay," Ban said, and fished in his pocket for his cigarettes. "But don't say I didn't warn you. And this is not common knowledge, you understand? My grandma would freak if she knew I was telling you this stuff."

Re: [1/?] Volva

I'm the OP.

YAY! I really hope you continue! And also: thank you so much!

[2/?] Volva


It was hours later and they'd made their way back to their apartment, which was a luxury they were still getting used to. It was barely big enough for one person, but they made it work. Ban turned on the fan and fished two beers out of the fridge, and they sprawled out, Ginji on the bed, Ban on the floor beside, not really paying attention as the long evening faded.

" - can't be trusted, not completely. Women's magic."

"Oh." Ginji thought about this for a bit. "But I thought you said there were gods who did seid."

Ban half-shrugged, and leaned over to grab his beer. "Yeah, well, it's not like it does a chromosome check before it decides whether to work. Some of the Greek stuff does, but it's pretty arcane."

"So how come you said it's women's magic? Is it just traditional?"

"Well, um." Ban's cheeks were flushed, but that might just have been the beer and the heat. "The power rituals ... before someone can do seid a man has to, uh, plant his seed in them. It has to do with life force. Awakens the power. I mean, saying a guy did this stuff was sort of considered an insult back then. Like calling him a pansy."

Ginji frowned as he worked this one out. "Oh," he said abruptly, and blushed. "But ... so how come you can't do it? We've - "

"Not with the right kind of ritual!" Ban tried to smack him, but couldn't quite reach from the floor.

With a grin, Ginji rolled over and tumbled down, landing heavily right on top of Ban. Ban blinked up at him, scowling. "We could," Ginji declared. "I don't mind. Wouldn't it be useful, being able to see the future?"

"Never really works," Ban said, wide-eyed. "Not like you could use it to get next week's lottery numbers."

"Awww, Ban-chan!" Ginji pouted. "Don't you want more magic? You never use any! You keep saying you're a witch but you never do any magic."

"Didn't I say there was more to it than spellwork? And I do too use magic!" Ban tried to look indignant but with the way Ginji's fingers were working their way under his belt, it was hard to sustain. "I did the - oooh - ressurection spell and the thing with the mug and - ah - the evil eye counts -"

"No it doesn't, Ban-chan, it's not a spell. What thing with the mug?" Ginji industriously undid Ban's belt and began to lick his stoumach.

"Tell you later."

"Okay," Ginji declared, and then neither of then spoke for quite a while, although there were plenty of gasps and grunts and moans, and one giggle.

Kazuki/Akabane - subterfuge/cheating (preferably on Kazuki's part, because I definitely have my OTP, but pretty much whatever you do in this vein will be perfectly okay by me.)

Shido and Madoka, something involving smell or taste.

Pairing: Toshiki x Kazuki x Juubei
A threesome
Inspired by this fanart

Request -

Seme Ban x Uke Ginji
Kink: pain to pleasure

Seme Ban x Uke Ginji 1/2

For a long moment the only sound in the darkness of the small hotel room was of soft, heartbreaking sobs. Then, there was a creak as somebody sat up and left the bed.
Ban entered the bathroom and turned on the light. He cautiously avoided looking at the mirror - he didn't want... no, he couldn't look at his own face right now.

After picking a towel and wetting it with warm water from the shower he returned to the bed. He left the bathroom light on: he needed to see where the blood was, where the cuts and scratches were, but Ginji wouldn't want a fully iluminated bedroom at this moment.

Lips tightened in a thin line, eyes strangely bright, Ban sat on the bed and started to clean his lover's abused body with an almost reverent gentleness.
For a while, Ginji remained absolutely still and Ban thought he had fallen asleep. He was about to pull the blanket over Ginji when a shaky hand wrapped around his wrist.

"I want to do it again, Ban-chan."

Re: Seme Ban x Uke Ginji 1/2

"You need rest," Ban was disgusted at how hoarse his own voice sounded, more than Ginji's - and the eel was the one who took the beating, why was he sounding so much better?

"It's okay, Ban-chan," the bruised lips managed a small smile, "I heal fast... we don't know when we'll have the money to get a room like this again, do we? I want to have you as much as I can until tomorrow. Besides, I kinda like it..."

Ginji saw stars as the slap hit his cheek with force enough to draw blood.

"Don't!" There was anger and desperation enough in that single word to fill the whole room. The rough breathing sounded like something between a snarl and a sob. "Don't say you like it, moron... You're not like me. You're different. Different! You hear me?"

Ginji reached a hand to gently dry the tears running down Ban's face. Why was Ban-chan so scared? It wasn't like Ginji had never had it rough. Bondage, beating, he could take it all - more so if it was for his Ban-chan's pleasure. Sometimes Ban-chan was really, really hard to understand... oh, well...

Mentally shrugging, Ginji pulled his lover down to a kiss.

"I'm sorry I made you cry, Ban-chan."

Re: Seme Ban x Uke Ginji 1/2

Wow, that was dark and strong, yet you managed to make it somehow...pretty too.

GB and Loveless crossover. Ban meets Soubi, and their interaction has something to do with battle, and their "power" with words. Hints of Ban/Ginji and/or Soubi/Ritsuka if possible. Tormenting.

I would really like something with Paul. Doesn't matter who else. Thank you so much in advance, anon!

On the crack side, Kazuki/Emishi or Juubei/Emishi.

Paul/Natsumi, something dealing with their age difference.


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